Eddy Plu is an anonymous artist from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. He uses various media, such as the iconic 'Danish Building Bricks' to convey his art to the public.

With a background in industrial design engineering, Eddy Plu brings a new and unique perspective to the world of art. Instead of relying solely on traditional media, he integrates his interests in LEGO®, pop, street and urban art to create works that are both innovative and playful.

Eddy’s artistic journey began with a fascination for 'Danish Building Bricks'. As he grew up he discovered his love for contemporary art and realized that these colourful building blocks could be more than just a fun toy. This led to him experimenting with the use of 'Danish Building Bricks' in his works to shape his own style.

This new form of artistic expression by combining street art with the iconic 'Danish Building Bricks', has inspired a new trend of 'Danish Building Bricks' street art sculptures that captivate audiences worldwide.

Eddy's work is sought after by collectors globally and has been displayed in galleries and museums such as GO Gallery, Famous Amsterdam, STRAAT Museum and Art'otel Gallery, among others.


2023 - "ASA x Art'otel Holiday Pop-up Shop", Art'otel, Amsterdam"
2022 - "Queens", Go Gallery, Amsterdam
2021 - Private Collection, STRAAT Museum, Amsterdam
2021 - "Passion", Go Gallery, Amsterdam
2020 - "Wild & Free", Go Gallery, Amsterdam
2020 - Private Collection, Moco Museum, Amsterdam
2020 - "Heroes", Go Gallery, Amsterdam
2019 - Smallest Gallery In Amsterdam, Amsterdam

"Famous x Laser 3.14 x Eddy Plu" - Famous
"Eerbetoon aan David Bowie in de Go Gallery" - Het Parool
"The future looks bleak, but at least the decorations are still holding strong!" – The Brothers Brick
"Honey, I shrunk the Exo Suit!" - The Brothers Brick
"Haulin’ imperial cargo like nobody’s business" - The Brothers Brick
"Micro Tintin Rocket" - BrickNerd
"PASSION, a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor." - Go Gallery.
"HEROES, a tribute to David Bowie." - Go Gallery
"GO Gallery Virtual version: Wild & Free." - Go Gallery