Eddy Plu is an anonymous Dutch artist from Amsterdam. He uses different mediums such as the famous bricks called LEGO to convey his art to the public.

From a young age Plu was intrigued by LEGO. When he grew up he developed an interest for art, particularly pop-, street- and urban art. He decided to use LEGO as one of his mediums to create his art. Currently Eddy Plu is exploring new mediums to convey his art, such as spray cans and canvas.

Plu’s work has been exhibited in galleries and are collected by collectors from all around the world.

2022 - "Queens", Go Gallery, Amsterdam
2021 - Private Collection, STRAAT Museum, Amsterdam
2021 - "Passion", Go Gallery, Amsterdam
2020 - "Wild & Free", Go Gallery, Amsterdam
2020 - Private Collection, Moco Museum, Amsterdam
2020 - "Heroes", Go Gallery, Amsterdam
2019 - Smallest Gallery In Amsterdam, Amsterdam

"Famous x Laser 3.14 x Eddy Plu" - Famous
"Eerbetoon aan David Bowie in de Go Gallery" - Het Parool
"The future looks bleak, but at least the decorations are still holding strong!" – The Brothers Brick
"Honey, I shrunk the Exo Suit!" - The Brothers Brick
"Haulin’ imperial cargo like nobody’s business" - The Brothers Brick
"Micro Tintin Rocket" - BrickNerd
"PASSION, a tribute to Elizabeth Taylor." - Go Gallery.
"HEROES, a tribute to David Bowie." - Go Gallery
"GO Gallery Virtual version: Wild & Free." - Go Gallery